Medical Support Services

Medical Support Services

Together with our partners in the health sector, we provide special medical support services, including medical escort, medical repatriation and transport, medical tourism, and repatriation of mortal remains.

Medical Escort

We offer both ground and air medical escort services. This service is suitable for patients who are mobile, but who may be too weak or frail to travel unaccompanied, and for patients who are not opportune to be accompanied by family or friends. A specialized physician or paramedic will accompany the patient and will stay with them at all times, for peace of mind, and quick medical intervention using available medical equipment should the patient become ill on the flight, if flying, or on the ground vehicle if travelling by road or rail. When choosing a medical escort we consider the medic’s professional qualifications and background and ensure that the medic and patient are a good match. The medical escort will ensure that the patient receives professional yet compassionate care throughout the trip. This service is available on several local and International flight, road, and rail routes.

Medical Transport

We arrange different types of medical transportation, including airlifting with air ambulance, ground movement with ground ambulance and other specialized medical evacuation vehicles for home to hospital, hospital bed to hospital bed, or hospital bed to the nearest airport, including all necessary logistics to ensure safe transportation of the patient.

Our personnel communicate with foreign authorities and with doctors on-site, allowing the patient to concentrate on getting well, while we take care of the rest and provide timely situation reports to patients' loved ones as we make progress.

Medical Tourism & Reverse Medical Tourism Support

Sometimes patients are unable to access the best medical treatment or the type of treatment they need in their home country. Many patients have to travel abroad to consult the world’s leading experts or to receive medical care in better facilities abroad. Patients from Nigeria seek treatment in clinics in Europe, America, the Middle East, Asia, and other parts of Africa. There are many reasons to go abroad for medical treatment. Often domestic medical care is not adequate, which drives people to look for better treatment abroad. This is known as medical tourism. Sometimes also, patients abroad return to their home country for medical treatment for various reasons, including cost. This is known as reverse medical tourism. Many people who live in Nigeria increasingly utilize medical services abroad, and some Nigerians who live abroad utilize medical services in Nigeria. Whether our patients wish to travel abroad or back home for medical treatment, we organize the trip quickly, securely and economically, using the most appropriate means of transport.

If requested, we offer additional services, such as:

Connecting patients with the right specialists and putting them in contact with the right clinics abroad or at home, helping with travel documents, interpreter services, on-site shuttle services for patients and relatives, etc.

Our multilingual consultants ensure direct, straightforward communication with patients, relatives and medical personnel internationally. We will tailor your medical tourism trip to your specific needs.

Repatriation of Mortal Remains

When someone dies abroad, their body has to be transported back to their home country. Repatriating someone who has died abroad requires experience and tact. Many factors need to be taken into consideration to ensure the smooth transportation of a coffin by air – such as applying for international death certificates, gaining the authority to move a corpse, numerous customs and legal formalities, and meeting the strict regulations regarding the transport of a coffin. These arrangements are an additional burden for grieving relatives. Our dedicated transfer specialists take care of the entire repatriation process of the deceased in accordance with international customs requirements, local transport regulations and permits. BriefPorte is a reliable partner in repatriating a deceased home for their funeral, quickly and reliably.

Please contact us now to discuss your needs. Our consultants are available to assist you at all times. Or you can request a quote. Just complete the easy-to-use service request form included on this site.

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